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Perfectly Timed Photos of Pets Create Hilarious Images

Photo Credit: Priceless Pet Rescue Pets bring a ton of joy into people’s lives across the globe. There are few pet owners who don’t have at least one hilarious story of their furry best friend doing something silly. Thanks to these very perfectly timed photos of pets, they bring even more laughter into the world […]

26 Perfectly Timed Photos Taken At Just The Right Moment

When all of the moons and stars align the most perfectly timed photos are born. You never know when you are going to click your camera and capture the most amazing image ever, but once, okay maybe twice, in a lifetime it happens. The perfectly timed photos that made this list are among some of the […]

24 Cat Photos Taken At Just The Right Second

If you like to follow your cat around all day with camera in hand you are onto something. Cats do a lot of weird things on a regular basis and if you follow your cat around long enough you will eventually score some seriously epic cat photos. Cats may pretend they don’t like it, but […]

Perfectly Timed Pics That Make Dogs Look Like Giants

Photo Credit: While you might think that giant dogs have invaded our planet – or someone was just having a good time with Photoshop, the reality is neither – these perfectly timed images that make dogs look like giants, is simply an illusion. The photos create the illusion of enormous size through intentional or […]

20 Tricky Photos That Will Make You Look Twice

It might appear like this boat is about to float away into outer space, but look again, as carefully as you can. The shadow is actually next to the boat instead of beneath the boat. Yet the way the picture comes together with water flowing seamlessly throughout, it truly looks like the ship is floating slightly above the […]

25 Perfectly Timed Dog Pictures

With iPhone cameras attached to our hands at all times, the world is taking more photos than ever. In proof, check out sites like Instagram and Facebook where billions of photos are shared each year. Speaking of social media, people upload and share photos of their pets all of the time. If you have dogs you know just how many […]

People Playing With Clouds And Forced Perspective

Clouds have been a source of wonder for all of time. In fact, the first written record of people discussing clouds comes from as far back as 3,000 BC.  One cloud can look like 500 different things depending on who is looking at it and from what angle. Clouds can resemble a bird, a heart, or maybe even […]