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Woman Quits Her Job To Create Paper Art Full Time


A full-time job on salary offers financial comfort and stability but it doesn’t guarantee happiness or fulfillment. Just ask Istanbul-based Turkish artist Sena Runa. It might sound crazy to some, but Runa gave up the cozy ideals of her job in human resources to pursue her passion for making paper art. Instead of working as an […]

Incredibly Intricate Hand-Cut Paper Art By Maude White


Maude White is an artist from Brooklyn, New York capable of crafting something truly incredible out of paper. For some of us, simply cutting a straight line through paper can be tricky. Let alone cutting out more intricate patterns, say for instance a paper snow flake. Maude takes her hand-cut paper creations many levels beyond the classic snowflake, forming paper art […]

Artist Hand Cuts Paper Animals And Uses The Sky To Give Them Life

hand cut paper animals

Paper can be used to create anything and everything depending on how creative you are willing to get. Artist Jo Chorny, also known as peaceofpaper1 on Instagram, hand cuts paper animals using a scalpel. Chorny’s work is extraordinarily detailed and precise, making you forget you are looking at paper at all! Once finished with a […]

Incredible Carved Wood Beetle Cabinet By Latvian Artist

beetle cabinet

If you have a nice wood cabinet at home it might seem unique to you but chances are if you look around hard enough you will find plenty others that look very similar, or are even exactly the same. If you want a truly unique wood cabinet you need this incredibly carved wood beetle cabinet […]

Eye-Art: Artist Uses Her Eyes As Canvas For Her Illustrations


Art can be splashed on buildings, painted on canvas, drawn onto paper or even applied on your face. Artist Tal Peleg has loved photography, illustration and makeup for as long as she can remember, but her favorite art medium of all is the human face. She writes on Bored Panda, “…eye-art is my way of […]

How To Make Awesome 3D Holograms Using Your Smartphone


Did you know you could use your smartphone to create a super cool 3D holographic video viewer sure to impress all of your friends? This easy to follow DIY project created by master Youtuber Mrwhosetheboss will show you how step-by-step. After you complete all of the steps and pair your device with a special “hologram-ready” […]

17-Year-Old Self-Taught Artist From Mexico Creates Stunning Drawings Using Pencils And Watercolors


Some 17-year-olds are too busy playing games on their iPhone to think about art, others are busy teaching themselves how to create epic artwork full of breathtaking detail. Meet Dany Lizeth, a 17-year-old girl from Mexico that taught herself how to make amazingly detailed drawings of people and animals using a combination of colored pencils […]