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19 Things Every Fox Lover Needs Right Now


If you’re obsessed with foxes you’re not alone, the adorable bushy-tailed creatures have stolen hearts near and far. Some lucky people have a pet fox of their very own, but most of us are left spying on the wild ones or looking at photos online. Lucky for you, artists everywhere are getting into the foxy […]

Happy As A Zen Fox: Photographer Captures Wild Foxes Enjoying Life


We have shared Roeselien Raimond’s incredible fox photography a number of times, simply because her fox photos blow us away! The talented photographer knows just how to capture the most natural photos of wild foxes, offering a peek into what life as a fox really looks like when they don’t think anyone is watching. Raimond is […]

The Internet’s Favorite Snow-White Fox Is Growing Up


Rylai is an adorable white-furred red fox that has taken the Internet by storm. We previously wrote about Rylai here, back when she was still the sleepiest baby fox ever. Now that she’s getting older she’s starting to snooze less often and get into a little more mischief. Here was Rylai the Snow-White fox only […]

Father And Daughter Discover Adorable Foxes In Backyard


This father daughter duo was lucky enough to discover a pack of baby foxes in backyard. Philip Wang and his daughter Alice have seen foxes around their 7-acre Princeton, New Jersey home many times before, but one day they stumbled upon something out of the ordinary. It was a pack of baby foxes slowly waking up and […]

Rescued Fox Raised By Humans Thinks He’s A Dog


Todd, the lovable Fox raised by humans, was rescued when he was only a young fox cub. Now, at 11-months-old, Todd is living the life of any happy family dog with his owner Emma D’Sylva. Todd gets along great with Emma’s two other Labrador dogs, Sky and Oakley. He also plays fetch, walks on a leash and […]

Japan’s Fox Village Is The Cutest Place On Earth


Foxes are irresistibly adorable, and Fox Village located in Japan brings you closer to these majestic creatures than ever before. At this awesome sanctuary six different species of fox live, all of which want your attention and your food. Zao Fox Village is home to so many gorgeous animals, and visitors are more than welcome to […]

New Winter Fox Photos By Roeselien Raimond


Our readers can’t get enough of beautiful fox photos–and neither can I! Thanks to Dutch nature photographer, Roeselien Raimond, we now have even more beautiful winter fox photos to awe over. Where Roeselien lives, snow is a rather rare occurrence, which makes these photos of foxes covered in white winter snow all the more special. […]