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You Have To See This Super Mario Chain Chomp Monster Cat Bed


Super Mario’s Chain Chomp character is cool and so are cats, combine the two and you’ve got a win-win. The owner and creative designer behind the cat furniture company CatastrophiCreations is a big fan of Mario, and as a result decided to pair a love for the classic video game idol with cat furniture. Meet […]

Cat Owners In Japan Turn IKEA Doll Beds Into Adorable Cat Beds


IKEA is one of those super fun stores, where you can buy cheap, awesome furniture, and eat Swedish meatballs and ice cream. When you go to IKEA you might not think much about buying something to bring home for your pet. While some IKEA locations might let you bring your pet inside, the furniture sold […]

16 Hysterical Examples Of Cat Logic


Sometimes your cat seems like a completely logical, smart individual capable of thinking for his or herself. Other times you can’t help but question cat logic. Cats are the most curious creatures, smart enough to always get what they want but not smart enough to grow up and move out of your house. Instead you’re […]

Nap Desk Converts Into Bed So You Can Comfortably Sleep At Work


Regardless what time it is or how much sleep you got the night before there are just certain days when you feel too tired to go on. Perhaps your computer screen starts to look a little fuzzy and nothing much is getting done, it’s in these moments that a short nap could make all the […]

Bedroom Becomes Stunning Fairytale World After Dark


Photo Credit: Giorgi Makharashvili/Bored Panda Who hasn’t dreamed of living in a fairytale at one time or another? Keti Sidamonidze said that she fantasized about it for several years after seeing a “cute kitten mural extravaganza” in 2012 – and now, that dream has become a reality with her bedroom becoming a stunning fairytale world […]

7 People That Live In Tiny Homes Smaller Than Your Bedroom


How much space do you really need to live a happy life? People all over the world are reconsidering conceptions about stuff and challenging how much space humans really need to live a comfortable life. travels America  in a portable tiny house interviewing real people that live in houses that measure 200 square feet […]