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Bride Decides To Be Her Own Wedding Photographer And The Results Are Far Better Than Anyone Expected

Planning a wedding involves so many different factors, from the venue to the flowers to the dress, and you can’t forget the photographer and videographer to document the day. It can all get a bit overwhelming and to some brides start to feel inauthentic. Tallinn-based photographer Liisa Luts and her husband run a small photography and […]

Bride Asks Her 89-Year-Old Grandmother To Be One Of Her Bridesmaids

Every grandparent dreams of the day her grandchildren get married and make great grandchildren. While grandparents are always an honorary gust at their grandchildren’s wedding, very few have the chance to be a key part of the wedding party. Christine Quinn decided to break traditional views on bridesmaids by asking her grandmother to be a […]

Marriage Is Compromise: Couple Has Awesome Two-Face Wedding Cake

Marriage is full of compromises, but that doesn’t mean anyone has to go to bed wearing a frown. This couple proves compromise is about making everyone happy, just take a look at their amazing two-face wedding cake. The bride, Kia Parsons, wanted a traditional cake and her comic fan groom, Billy Bunning, wanted something to delight his […]

Why Spectacular Tasmania Should Really Be on Your Must-Visit List

Photo Credit:, If you’ve never considered visiting spectacular Tasmania, you might be surprised to find that it offers everything from soaring mountains and idyllic beaches to an abundance of wildlife, the cleanest air in the world and even an increasingly exciting foodie scene. Wineglass Bay, pictured above, sits on the Freycinet Peninsula, where […]