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7 Epic Waterfalls Straight Out of Your Fantasies

Have you ever just thought about going to see a beautiful waterfall. Maybe just to look, or have a little dip, or maybe spark something that might not be there. Well some of us may not get to see one because of where we live, but theres nothing wrong with … [Read More...]


20 Lonely Little Houses For The Solitary Soul

Have you ever dreamed of escaping your life in the city or suburbs? Just think about it, exchanging pollution, bus routes, and busy sidewalks for the peace and tranquility only found in the depths of nature. You know, somewhere you can hear the birds chirping … [Read More...]


20 Of The Creepiest Halloween Makeup Ideas

Halloween masks are scary and fun, but if you have ever worn one all night long you know how irritating they can get. It's hard to talk while wearing most masks, plus it gets really hot and uncomfortable under all that material. Thankfully you can ditch the … [Read More...]