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Animals with unexpected colors

20 Animals With Unexpected Colors

The majority of animals around the world are a shade of black, brown, yellow, or white. You don't expect to see a sea of blue lobsters, or a flock of pink birds, unless you are hanging out with the flamingos of course. Certain animals are known for being … Read Full Article



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20 Lonely Little Houses For The Solitary Soul

Have you ever dreamed of escaping your life in the city or suburbs? Just think about it, exchanging pollution, bus routes, and busy sidewalks for the peace and tranquility only found in the depths of nature. You know, somewhere you can hear the birds chirping … [Read More...]


20 Of The Creepiest Halloween Makeup Ideas

Halloween masks are scary and fun, but if you have ever worn one all night long you know how irritating they can get. It's hard to talk while wearing most masks, plus it gets really hot and uncomfortable under all that material. Thankfully you can ditch the … [Read More...]


How To Trap A Cat In 3 Easy Steps

The cute cat above wonders-- "how did I get trapped into this circle?" Easy, his owner uncovered the 3 simple steps to tricking any cat! Cats never want to do what you say, they have their own agendas to live by. But there is one way you can trick your cat … [Read More...]


15 Animals Enjoying The Magic Of Autumn

We have talked a great deal about the joys of autumn this month, but it's not just humans enjoying the changes all around. Animals are often the first to notice the changing of the leaves as well as the cooler weather. Animals are extremely tuned in to … [Read More...]


This Guy Makes The Scariest Pumpkin Carvings Ever

Every Halloween I set my goals high for pumpkin carving. I buy the right carving tools, carefully scoop out and clean the insides of my pumpkin. I've learned from experience not to free-hand, so instead I follow one of those patterns from a cheesy halloween … [Read More...]