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World’s Most Amazing Spots to Have a Drink

Photo Credit: There are countless bars around the world, many of them unique, but there are few that can beat these most amazing spots to have a drink. Here, the experience is at least as incredible as that cold brew or tropical … Read Full Article

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The World’s Most Mesmerizing Abandoned Places

Photo Credit: Panaramio.comPhoto Credit: It seems almost hard to believe that magnificent structures like these can become neglected and completely forgotten, though with nature reclaiming them, these abandoned places have also created some … Read Full Article



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Everyday Should Be Take Your Dog To Work Day

Last week pups everywhere very much-enjoyed Take Your Dog To Work Day! What pup wouldn’t? It stinks getting left at home everyday while all of your favorite people go off to some mystery location (aka school and work). This awesome holiday gives dogs a chance … [Read More...]


America’s Coolest Ghost Towns

Photo Credit: Ghost towns are often filled with riveting tales from the past that offer a glimpse of what it might have been like to live in a bygone era. If you'd like to take a step into another time, visiting some of America's coolest ghost … [Read More...]