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8 Hypnotic Timelapse GIFs Show How Mushrooms Grow

Mushrooms grow at rapid rates, quickly bursting up out of the ground and reaching full size in as little as one night. Unless you sit and watch a mushroom for many hours it's hard to see just how quickly this fungus can grow. These time-lapse GIFs are perfect … Read Full Article



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Grand Canyone Lightning

7 Electrifying Times Lightning Struck The Earth

Lightning is one of mother nature's most awe-inspiring and destructive forces. It comes in a flash bolting down to earth, leaving booming thunder and scorched marks in the ground where it struck.Here are 7 Electrifying times lighting struck the earth. Some … [Read More...]


27 Of The Most Creative Candle Designs Ever

Long before the invention of the light bulb (thank you Thomas Edison) candles were a necessary creation. Despite the fact every house is equipped with plenty of light bulbs, electrical outlets, and cell phones with flashlight features, candles are still … [Read More...]


21 Dogs Who Clearly Have No Idea How HUGE They Are

Some of the biggest dogs are also the biggest lap dogs! Dogs are often unaware of their size; small dogs tend to think are they much bigger and more powerful, while big dogs assume they are small enough to climb wherever and sit right up on your lap.Dogs … [Read More...]