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Watch A Hornet Be Cooked Alive By Bees

The number one rule when running away from a swarm of bees: don't try to hide underwater! Bees have enough memory and motivation to wait for you at the surface, and they can wait much longer than you can hold your breath. That's because bees are highly evolved … [Read More...]


Two Ancient Maya Cities Unearthed In Mexican Jungle

Out in the middle of the Mexican jungle, in the southeastern state of Campeche, there has been an amazing discovery of ancient pyramid temples, palace remains, and a giant mouth doorway, revealing 2 Mayan cities. Known as Lagunita and Tamchen, these 2 Mayan … [Read More...]

See The Earth That Most People Never See

See The Earth That Most People Never See

The earth is one incredible place, every location holds a different set of scenery, animals, and vantage points, all of which change with each passing season. Unless you spend your days traveling the world and soaking up everything from remote locations to … [Read More...]