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20 Mini Horses You Don’t Want Your Kids To See

Horses are dangerous, not because they are prone to hurting people but because they are incredibly expensive. If your child sees any one of these mini horses they are going to want one, and while a miniature horse is cheaper to feed and easier to care for than … Read Full Article



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World’s Most Incredible Natural Hot Springs

Photo Credit: Soaking in natural hot springs while enjoying spectacular scenery is one of the greatest pleasures on earth, and these hot springs, like the one pictured above in southwestern Turkey known as Pamukkale, or "cotton castle", offer … [Read More...]


Adorable And Rare Look At How Giraffes Sleep

It’s not everyday you see how giraffes sleep, that’s because they require the least amount of sleep compared to all other mammals. In fact, giraffes only sleep around 30 minutes every day, and they typically do so for just a few minutes at a time. Until the … [Read More...]

elephant sand sculpture

Amazing Sand Sculptures You Have to See to Believe

Photo Credit: Flickr: 4834489465 And you thought your sandcastle you spent hours building was good! There are few people that can possible create these incredibly talented sand sculptures, including the elephant sand sculpture pictured above. It was featured … [Read More...]