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See The Earth That Most People Never See

See The Earth That Most People Never See

The earth is one incredible place, every location holds a different set of scenery, animals, and vantage points, all of which change with each passing season. Unless you spend your days traveling the world and soaking up everything from remote locations to … [Read More...]

Moss Graffiti

Moss Graffiti: The Coolest DIY Project Ever

The latest take on graffiti street art is going green! Moss graffiti is the most sustainable way to adorn the streets, both private and public, with clever sayings, pictures, and other forms of meaningful text--all while adding a little extra green to planet … [Read More...]

animal family

22 Adorable Animal Family Portraits

Animals depend on their families, just like humans do. Humans are not the only ones that find a mate to stay with for life, a number of different animals do the very same thing. Together these pairs have children, raise a family, and basically live a life more … [Read More...]