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20 of The Best Places To Watch The Sunset

As a kid I could see the greatest sunsets from the dinning room window positioned at the front of our southern California home. Peering over the back of the couch pushed up against the wall-size window, my dad would point out the finer points of a sunset while … Read Full Article



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25 Photos Of Sheep Blanketing The Earth Like Snow

Sheep really love to travel in packs, making them very handy to count whenever you are trying to fall asleep. In fact, from up above sheep sort of look like clouds on earth. Sheep have earned a reputation for being "dumb" simply because they like to … [Read More...]

12 Places To Swim With The Clearest, Bluest Waters. #2 Wow!

12 Places To Swim With The Clearest, Bluest Waters

Why is some water so clear and other waters more cloudy? There are a number of reasons for different water colors, but cloudy waters largely have to do with sediments and organic material from the bottom of the ocean floor getting stirred around. The small … [Read More...]


25 Photos Of Shadows That Tell A Different Story

Shadows are used for making puppets, playing tricks, and simply having a good laugh. Some shadows are even good at starting rumors, like the shadow in the picture above. It looks like the 2 passing strangers are about to kiss, but really they are a few feet … [Read More...]


18 Of The Most Magnificent Table Designs Ever

How often do you use your dinner table? Likely everyday, and probably for more than just eating. We work at tables, do arts and crafts, enjoy a good cup of coffee, and even store things on tables. Tables also serve as a great design focal point in any … [Read More...]


Couple Found Holding Hands For 700 Years

Hundreds of years ago the Chapel of St. Morrell was located in east Leicestershire, England. Today, the church and all of its faithful gatherers have since passed on, leaving behind nothing but the stories told by their graves and surviving possessions. … [Read More...]