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Meet The Twelve Beards Of Christmas

"On the first day of Christmas my true love sent to me a partridge in a pear tree..." Sing along, you know the words! Twelve Days of Christmas is a classic cumulative song that has been enjoyed for centuries. The song delivers many gifts such as, turtle … [Read More...]


26 Incredible Photos Of Animal Migration

Animals pick up their lives and move elsewhere for a number of reasons, often it has to do with the weather, and sometimes it's all about finding the perfect place to lay eggs. No matter the reasons, animal migrations are incredible to witness, as thousands of … [Read More...]


27 Dogs and Cats That Destroyed Christmas

The sights and sounds of the holidays are undeniably tempting for cats and dogs. Sometimes pets just can't control themselves, not with the big tree full of shiny ornaments and the fancy dinner table set with a plump turkey on top. The funny thing is, just … [Read More...]


28 Cool Winter Hats That Will Keep You Warm

Knitting and crocheting require time, patience, talent, and a lot of yarn. The results can be classic and cozy, or uniquely incredible, like these winter hats that will keep you warm and help you to truly stand out. If you are going to be in freezing cold … [Read More...]