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10 Incredible Nightscapes Around The World

It’s amazing how the day time world around us takes on a different hue and outlook every night. Everything looks different, feels different. The low lighting conditions make night photography a highly skilled and challenging task, but at the same time … [Read More...]


Australia Becomes First Country To Ban Lion Trophies

If you murder animals for fun you are selfish, plain and simple. You also deserve to know what it feels like to be targeted as prey for someone else's 'fun'. Unfortunately, there are plenty of sickos out there that want to hunt and kill animals, endangered or … [Read More...]

Sun Parakeets Photo By Tim Laman

10 Cutest Birds That’ll Make Your Day !

Who wouldn’t love birds. Specially the small, colorful and cute ones ! In the animal kingdom, its only the birds who are present in such variety of colors, shapes and sizes. A lot of people keep them as pets for their sweet notes of voice or sometimes for … [Read More...]

best marriage proposals

22 Guys With The Best Marriage Proposals Ever!

"Will you marry me?" Countless gals are waiting for their mate to pop this very question, and countless dudes are freaking out over how they will ask. Some of the best marriage proposals are sweet and simple, and others are so elaborate it's hard to plan a … [Read More...]


10 Most Beautiful Mountain Ranges in The World

With summers knocking at the doors, its perfect time to plan your holiday in the mountains. Its rare to find someone who has not been enchanted by the grandeur, pristine beauty and calmness of these mountains dotting our planet earth.Here we bring you some … [Read More...]


31 Palms Overflowing With Cuteness

Tiny creatures are just so very cute! When a baby (or full grown) animal is capable of fitting in the palm of your hand, the cuteness is just too much to handle! Even animals not necessarily known for being "cute," like a puffer fish, can suddenly look uber … [Read More...]