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Magical New Bookstore Opens Its Doors In Romania

With more and more bookstores closing up shop everyday due to online ordering and digital downloads, the world needs more beautiful bookstores to keep the love of books alive. Cărtureşti Carusel, also known as "The Carousel of Light," is an exquisite new … [Read More...]


The Unlikely Sweet Friendship Of A Dog And An Owl

Dogs are supposed to chase and harass birds, not befriend them. Someone forgot to tell Ingo the shepherd dog this fact because he gets along with birds just fine, in fact he might even fool you into thinking he is a bird! Okay, maybe not; but he might think … [Read More...]


22 Mysterious Forests I’d Love To Get Lost In

Any large area covered with trees and undergrowth technically defines a forest. For such a bland definition, a forest holds so much more mystery and intrigue. For centuries, forests have captivated the human imagination. Just think about, there's a forest in … [Read More...]


Dad Makes Beautiful Jewelry From Scrap Metal

Imagine finding out in early adulthood that your dad is capable of creating amazingly beautiful jewelry you actually want to wear? Talk about a newly discovered score! This scenario actually happened to Carolina Breeze, a 23-year-old film student "from a … [Read More...]