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Meet The Most Fashionable Homeless Man In Ukraine

Slavik is a 55-year old man that proves you don't have to be rich and famous to be the best dressed in town.  Slavik lives in Lviv, Ukraine, and even though he lives on the streets he still cares greatly about fashion and his personal appearance.Slavik has … Read Full Article



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21 Creative And Cute Pieces Of Sushi Art

Sushi is an addictive food that many people can't get enough of! Not only is it incredibly delicious, but sushi is also an art form, each roll perfectly filled and rolled tight. Even the most basic spicy California roll looks like art, with the avocado, … [Read More...]

Door County Wisconsin Photo by Adam Romanowicz

13 Roads That Will Drive You Crazy

Photo Credit: Adam Romanowicz If roads represented a lifetime, the twists and turns of the road would represent all the fun, excitement, and surprises that await us at each turn of the steering wheel. As we hurtle around each bend in the road, we sense the … [Read More...]

Riomaggiore village on the Cinque Terre coast of Italy,Europe

18 Of The Most Stunning Cliff-Side Villages

There are many reasons to build a town right into the side of a cliff. It's advantageous in terms of defense, and also provides the perfect scenic views. There are many cliff side villages all around the world, each one more breathtaking than the … [Read More...]

Sossusvlei in Namib Desert Namibia Photo by Igor Bilic

9 Deserts That Will Make Your Mouth Water

Many of us think of deserts as nothing but wastelands void of life and color. However, the deserts below are anything but where even under the hot relentless sun and the arid conditions, there is a hidden beauty that lies among the sand and rock.Bring some … [Read More...]